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Last week, as I was perusing the Twitterverse, I saw a tweet pop up with an interesting title…9 Essential Marketing Skills Every Person Should Know.  I e-mailed it to myself so I could read it a little later as I wanted to see if these were skills that I had and that I knew about.  It’s always great to get some knowledge validation.

When I read the article, it wasn’t really something that validated my knowledge, but something that got me to stop and think (after retweeting it of course).  The basic premise is that “it’s all marketing”.  Everyday marketers and non-marketers alike use basic marketing skills…or at least they should be.  It’s about shaping the perception of others, framing events, and telling a good story.  It’s about creating, growing and providing content.  And it’s about listening, helping, and providing good feedback.  These are things that are done in day-to-day life.

As marketers, sometimes I think we try too hard to tell the story or follow the book.  At least I know that’s something I do.  But marketing is a lot more effective when it isn’t forced.  When it’s natural.  When it doesn’t feel like work, but feels like a normal day.  If I think about my personal life and relationships, the natural marketer is there.  In fact, Ashley gives me a hard time about it…my marketing smile, my marketing lines, my marketing stories.  But it’s not forced, and it’s all based on the nine things above.  The trick is to try and translate this to the job.

If customers are thought of as just entities or as businesses or as objects, marketing can become more difficult.   As I think about, some of my best marketing accomplishments are when I approach the project thinking about a relationship and a story, and feeling more natural instead of forced.

This article really did get me thinking, and reminded me of why I enjoy marketing and how I really use marketing daily.   And hopefully this will lead to better posts and more advice and tips and accomplishments and all kinds of great things.


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  • Marcella says:

    Thanks so much for your post. I’m really glad that you found my content valuable. Writing that post for Under30CEO was extra fun because I feel that what we learn in our business lives is so valuable to our personal lives — except most of the time we don’t stop to notice! In our personal lives, we focus on our loved ones (humans), and in our business lives we focus on our customers (humans). If serving them is always our focus, what could go wrong?

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